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"Google now detects viruses" and attackers celebrate


A couple of days ago Google announced that from its main page they will alert users if they detect that their computers are making strange queries to the search engine, the message looks like this:

Real Google alert (click to see bigger)

The link points to this help page.

Many Cyber ​​criminals infect browsers to display their own advertising and modify the results to their advantage, the new Google functionality will have the ability to detect these behaviors. In other words, if a user searches Google from an infected computer that is disrupting them in any way, the alert message will appear.

It is good that Google has this type of initiative and tries to help users, although I think they do it because it affects them directly ($$$). As reported in the official security blog, they have detected that at least 2 million computers are compromised in this way.

One more tool to cheat …

For years, attackers have used the social engineer for users to download anything, for example, in the following screenshot you can see a false message that seems to be from Google but is actually generated by a fraudulent antivirus:

Fake message generated by a fake antivirus

It would not be strange that in the next few days they begin to see fake messages that pretend to be Google'sIn fact, something like that is done with the anti-phishing alerts of the browsers and it gives very good results when it comes to cheating and infecting.

On the other hand, news in the media will generate confusion in many users who will believe that Google is now also an antivirus:

News in the media

The same thing that I am commenting here many are saying to Google on their blog, I am very pleased with this comment that translated more or less says:

I agree, this closely resembles viruses / Trojans that alert you to a computer infection. What you should say is: Your computer is infected. Turn it off now and take it to your geeky best friend, buy him a fat free triple espresso and ask him how to fix it.

He ends by saying that you can't trust those kind of linksWell, for one like that, the user will be infected firstly 🙂

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