Google Play alerts Developers of recent phishing attacks

The Google Play team has alerted all developers to phishing attacks that have been circulating, posing as notifications related to the violation of the terms and including links to false pages that seek to steal passwords.

Security alerts have arrived by email and also appear in the developer console:

I have not directly seen a copy of the phishing, but in forums such as those of stackoverflow they have commented on them and they are sent from false addresses such as will notice the gooo with a letter to spare to resemble a real Google address.

The interesting thing about this case is that they target developers who are generally advanced users and do not tend to fall for this type of deception as easily.

However, a message related to the violation of the terms is the fear of many since the people of Google Play do not feel a pulse when they have to suspend applications or accounts. In fact, once a developer account is suspended for violating the terms, that person cannot open another one under his name or use his data. Google is quite strict in that regard.

If you got caught in the trap or think that your account could be compromised, you should change the password as soon as possible, Google recommends following the instructions on this help page to protect the account or recover it.