Google Safe Browsing will block repeat offenders for 30 days

Google continues to tighten the policies of its safe browsing system, a few months ago they announced that they would start blocking sites with fake download ads and now they will begin to block for 30 days to sites that repeatedly violate security policies.

Google Safe Browsing system warning

The measure is taken after detecting that some sites deceive users once they are unblocked by Google. This cat and mouse game no longer runs and when this behavior is detected they will be classified as repeat offenders.

Webmasters will receive a warning through the Search Console and for 30 days they will not be able to send a new revision request, in addition to security warnings in search results and browsers will continue to appear during that period of time.

This results in traffic loss for sites, as users tend not to enter when they see warnings. Your image can also be impaired and even to a certain extent can negatively impact your positioning.

It should be mentioned that these measures are applied on sites that intentionally include malicious content. Those legitimate sites that are hacked (even more than once) will not be considered as repeat infringers.

The measure is undoubtedly very good and in fact in other areas of Google it is already being applied, for example when a site repeatedly violates the guidelines for webmasters, it may end up having serious problems at the level of positioning since Google loses confidence in the place.

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