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Habbo phishing with Google Docs to get coins


Habbo is a popular game in which participants can create a character and interact in a virtual world with other people, the game also allows you to buy -with real money- credits or coins that are used to acquire and market items within Habbo.

Today gives many games combine real money with virtualIn fact, thousands of people work gathering virtual relics to later sell them within the same games or in parallel markets. So it's no wonder that gamers are an attractive target for cybercriminals.

In the following screenshot you can see a fake form that seeks to steal the user and the password of the Habbo players, the excuse to fill it are free coins:

This phishing takes advantage of a Google Docs form, so it may seem safe at first glance. However, these forms can be created by anyone, so you have to be careful when entering personal information in them … if your real origin is not known, it is best to discard them.

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