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Hello love, I am the hacker (another one of scams and passwords)

super juaker de contrase├▒as

A few days ago I was a little bored, so I contacted one of those super-juakers They can be found online, I made up a story for her and asked her what she needed to steal a password. His response was as follows:

Super Juaker Service

The cost of their services was $ 70 And I should only send you the address of the victim, a couple of days later I receive the following message:

Apparently he already had the password and as proof he had sent a message from the stolen account, it only remained to make the payment by Western Union to receive the precious password. Given the the alleged victim was actually me with another account, the lie was quite clear, however the guy had sent a false message which simulated being sent from the account in question:

Hello love, I'm the Juaker

I admit I hesitated for half a second, I thought. and that? what's going onthe email header will have the answerSo I clicked on the Reply menu and selected the option to see the source of the message:

See source code of the message

The guy had used a service to send anonymous emails, thus you can impersonate the sender you want. The Received field makes this clear:

You can see the real origin of the mail

And this is the service used, I do not leave the link because I know you would like to make some jokes: P

As we see, it is a very simple deception to perform and surely many people have already fallen into the hands of these super-juakers. I recently discussed a similar case, but instead of sending an anonymous email, the guy used Photoshop to send an alleged capture of the stolen account, and also promoted his services in AdWords!

Can these deception be reported?

In the second screenshot of the post the name of the person who will receive the money appears, but I do not think they use their real name to steal in this way, it will not be something very smart. They may use a False identity to lift turns or whatever mulesThat is, intermediaries who do not know the origin of the money and when they receive it they simply send it or give it to another person in exchange for a commission.

Although it is clear that this is a deception, the super-juaker never accesses third-party mail (which would be a clear crime), in fact it does not even try. On the other hand, I do not know to what extent it is convenient for the real victim – the one who loses 70 dollars – to make the complaint, since in the first instance it is the one who had the intention of committing the crime.