Help Rachel [leer informacion], a solidarity hoax on Facebook

There is a false event On Facebook pretending to be a call for solidarity to help a baby with cancer, on the page they included a photo possibly taken from a real request for help and a series of instructions that they only seek to add fans to different fanpages.

As I have already commented several times, these fanpages with hundreds of thousands of followers are then sold to the highest bidder or used to promote sites or spam. But let's look at the event page:

There are many details that reflect the falsity of all thisFirst of all, there is no data about the family or the baby that needs help, if it were something real they would leave as much information as possible so that anyone can communicate and even help by other means.

On the other hand, they say that for each person who presses a few buttons and invites 300 contacts, they will receive 85 cents donated by Facebook. Another lie, quite ridiculous by the way, but that serves to make victims click believing that they are doing a good action.

The page where the Like buttons are located is the following, at the time of writing this post does not load, so the capture is from the Google cache:

It can be clearly seen that there were about 30 or more Like buttons, and again they mention that each button gives them 0.85 cents donated by Facebook Company… something that if it were real they would already be millionaires considering that some of these fanpages Promoted with the buttons they have close to a million followers!


Now the page with the buttons loads and it looks like this:

This is one of the many fanpages that you join when falling into the trap:

It is good to want to help people, but do not believe anything that comes to you on Facebook, you must have a minimum of common sense! I know some will think total … if it's a lie nothing happens and if it's true I'm helping and so they remain with a clear conscience, but come on, If you really want to help the people who need it, you know that this is not the way.

These solidarity tricks that play with people's feelings have also been circulating for years by email, they are called Hoax and there are variants for all tastes.

Thanks @ Arregui26 for the warning.