Home security camera with Skype

If you have a webcam on your desktop PC you can use it as security camera thanks to skype, It can be very useful to control the house, a pet or whatever comes to mind.

Simply you must create two Skype accountsYou will use one of them on your desktop PC and configure it to answer calls automatically, the other one you will use on your notebook, mobile, office or in the team you want.

Setting Skype on PC to function as a security camera:

In Windows access Tools / Options and in the Call settings menu select the options Answer the call automatically and Start my video automatically …:

In Ubuntu access Options and in the Privacy menu check the option Automatically answer incoming calls:

Then under Video Devices select Start my video automatically when I'm on a call:

In this way you can see what happens in front of the webcam from anywhere, it is ideal to use from a mobile. Obviously you should leave the computer on although the monitor can be left off :]

If you have several webcams, in Windows you can use a program called Skype Launcher to start several Skype sessions and each use a different camera.

Note– Make sure you set Skype to accept only calls from supported contacts, in this case it will be just your other account.