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Homeopathy, outside the University of Barcelona

New blow to homeopathy: expelled from the University of Valencia

The University of Barcelona, one of the best in Spain, cancels the postgraduate courses taught about homeopathy, alleging the lack of agreement with scientific knowledge.

As we say, the UB (University of Barcelona) has decided to end the course that has been taking place since 2004, at that university, on homeopathy. This program, which acquired a price of around 7,000 euros (yes, they have read well, as much as a couple of kilos of these famous sugar candies), was established at the UB despite the fact that organizations such as the Ministry of Health of Our country ensured, and not without reason, the total lack of clinical efficacy of homeopathic preparations. Finally, after receiving a critical reportsigned by School of Medicine, the UB decided to make the decision.

Probably, the decision made by the UB supposes theknock-out final to the homeopath in his claims to invade the Spanish academic system. However, there are still current graduate programs in universities such as the UNED wave University of Valencia.

The academic world vs the homeopath

The pseudoscience invented by the Teutonic doctor Samuel Hahnemann has not only had to face the disenchantment of the decision of the University of Barcelona. VSeveral Spanish universities have already canceled their programs so far this century, since the University of Crdoba, who made the decision in 2013, even the universities of Seville and of Saragossa, who ended up ignoring the master and the Boiron Chair of Homeopathy, respectively.

Since we mentioned homeopathic companies, we must point out that we are talking about an industry (headed by Boiron itself) that has come to bill, only in Spain, 60 million euros, in a single year.

The homeopath must be outside the Spanish teaching

Sugar granules have a supposed substance that doesn't really exist. These assumptions that it assumes contradict the physics and chemistry that we study today in the classrooms of the University of Barcelona. Despite no longer supporting itself in the theoretical field, there are no studies that demonstrate its efficacy above placebo.

Many media outlets in science have been echoed by combating with conferences and talks this type of false science that only seeks economic interest, contrary to the very objectives of science. It is no longer a matter of fraud; It is out of respect for my own scientific training that I feel the duty to communicate this problem to it, and that is that in the Master a agenda will be given that is not supported by the evidence, lacking scientific methodology, criticized and classified as a scam by the entire community scientist.

This they have just read is a request to from one of the students of the Faculty of Chemistry of the same UB, in order to eliminate the homeopathy course of the University of Barcelona.

Finally, as we have already said, the course has been canceled, so the homeopathy, that pseudoscience that has not been shown to be more than sugar water, and that if it gives the sensation of having clinical effects is due to the fact that many ailments end updilute by themselves or by the placebo effectThis pseudoscience, as I say, has been, once again, marginalized from the academic field in the same way as the trileros to the parks.

Source | El Pas, The International Journal of Clinical Practice