contadores de paginas web Saltar al contenido, if you misspell the address of Hotmail you can end up on a fraudulent site


Hotmail is one of the most used services on the internet and every day thousands or perhaps millions of people write their address in browsers to access the mail. Actually globally the word hotmail It is in the Top 10 of the most common searches.

Something that usually happens is make a mistake when typing a web address, that is why domains like (without the letter i) were registered by Microsoft (see registration information) so that people can still access the service despite misspelling the URL.

But not all combinations of errors are registered and it is something that some for years have been able to take advantage of to steal making money.

Hotmil .com case: a fraudulent domain

It happened to me a couple of days ago, when I wanted to enter Hotmail I wrote it wrong and ended up on a site that asked me for my mobile number to deceitfully subscribe to a premium service that charges for each SMS it sends.

Although I already knew it was a hoax, I continued with the game to take some screenshots and share them here.

Once I wrongly enter the URL, several redirects are carried out and it ends up loading the following:

This page is quite striking because it makes the user believe that it is their lucky day and they are facing a unique opportunity, when in reality the same thing always happens when accessing. In addition, the site plays a sound that says the following:

Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in an anonymous survey. Please answer our 30 second questionnaire and in appreciation you will have the opportunity to have an exclusive benefit.

Patraas! I have neither been selected nor will I have a chance to win anything exclusive. You can listen to the message at the following URL (it is an mp3):

Finally, after answering the false survey, they end up asking me for my mobile number:

If I enter the number thinking that I am going to win something, I end up subscribed to an SMS service that will charge me for each message I receive, nice business, right?

These hoaxes are known as frauds or typosquatting attacks, on the blog I have talked about other similar cases that take advantage of typing errors when writing, for example, the addresses of Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia. Surely you have noticed that the logo in these screenshots resembles that of YouTube, that is, it has no relationship with Hotmail. What happens is that they use the same for everything … if you access yotube .com (misspelled youtube) the same thing happens.

In this case of hotmil I have come across a couple of curiosities, on the one hand the site is used as a webmail by its administrators or perhaps it is only a facade to simulate that it is used for more than just cheating:

On the other hand, and in relation to what I said at the beginning about the popularity of Hotmail and typing errors, if we search Google for we will find more than 500 thousand results, many of them are from people who share their misspelled email.

Some general advice:

Pay attention to URLs either when writing them, clicking on the links or in the results of search engines such as Google.

If the content displayed when accessing a page is unexpected, we are probably in the wrong place or something strange is happening. You do not have to believe everything first, it is best to analyze the situation and use common sense.

Do not enter the mobile number or personal data anywhere, unless we are sure of what we do.

Read the fine print or the terms of each service or contest in which you are going to participate. Most of these pages that request the mobile are legal and that is why in small print they include the terms of the service where it is clarified how much they will charge for the message sent, how many messages they will send, etc.

By reading them you will surely stop thinking that you are a lucky internet user to understand that they were only manipulating you.

Finally I share some screenshots of other designs that may appear when accessing hotmil .com, vary according to the country: