How a friend can steal your stored Messenger password

Are you the users who save their password in Messenger to connect automatically? Me too, although for convenience I use Pidgin, it doesn't make sense to be typing the password every time we go online if we're on our own team.

But you have to have watch out with this, especially if we are leave the machine with the session open, a situation that can occur in many places such as the office, computer event or in the company of friends: D

With physical access it is a matter of seconds for the team to be compromised, there are attacks that require a certain level of knowledge, but others not as much as the theft of stored passwords.


It is a tool created to recover passwords stored in most popular couriers such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Pidgin, Trillian, among others. It works in Windows and does not even require installation, so anyone could use it to steal our password if they have a few seconds:

Info and download: MessenPass

Mail PassView:

What if we don't use messengers to chat? In this case they will be able to use Mail PassView, a similar tool that recovers the saved passwords of the mail clients better known as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, among others.

Info and download: Mail PassView

As we see, leaving the session open in the team can cause us many problems … they could also steal our passwords stored in the browser (with programs and without programs) or make us some funny jokes.

So now you know, be careful to leave the session open in the presence of unknown people or friends with a reputation as hackers. In Windows you can quickly lock the session with the shortcut key Windows + LObviously your user must have a password configured.

Note: The programs mentioned in the post were created by Nirsoft, a well-known software developer. Given the nature of applications, antivirus software can block them, but they are not actually infected.