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How Hyperloop could link three European capitals in 10 minutes

How Hyperloop could link three European capitals in 10 minutes

A new project wants to implement Hyperloop in Europe, but will it be the revolution it can be in the US?

When Elon Musk presented his idea of ​​Hyperloop, the vehicle that uses an air cushion system to reach speeds of 1,300 km / h, it was clear that we may be facing the transport of the future, or an absolute failure, without half measures.

Especially since, instead of focusing on the project personally, Musk decided to leave the implementation of Hyperloop in the hands of several independent companies, each with its own design and objectives, but all focused on making transportation a reality in the United States.

Minutes to jump from one capital to another

Now one of these companies, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has decided to jump the puddle and try their luck in Europe, to unite three capitals in just a few minutes.

Specifically, the route that HTT wants to open uniralas cities of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, and has already reached an agreement with the government of Slovakia for the development of technology and the Hyperloop infrastructure, although you have not specified the terms.

The country's economy minister has announced his commitment to Hyperloop because it could redefine the concept of travel and cooperation across European borders.

In other words, it would be possible to go from one place to another very quickly. Specifically, it will be possible make the trip between Vienna and Bratislava in just eight minutes at high speed, while the journey between Bratislava and Budapest could be done in ten minutes.

Of course, the distance between these cities is not very long, 56 kilometers between Vienna and Bratislava and 160 kilometers between Bratislava and Budapest, but It would be a good demonstration of the possibilities of Hyperloop and how it could interconnect all of Europe.

Doubts about whether we really need Hyperloop in Europe

But do we really need Hyperloop in Europe? Unlike the USA, here we have a highly advanced and perfectly usable railway network that spans across Europe and beyond, so the benefits of Hyperloop would not be as evident as in the US.

In few cases will clients be so desperate to reach their destination that they cannot directly catch a train or a plane, casting doubt on the economic viability of the project.

Hyperloop will not be cheap to manufacture, Musk himself had planned costs $ 6 billion to create a passenger version and $ 7.5 billion for a version for freight transportation.

Although Hyperloop makes sense in the vast American states where the only methods of transportation are the car and the plane, it may not fit so well in the tiny passes of the old continentBut it is too early to say, and this agreement does not imply that we are going to see the Hyperloop circulate through the European landscapes.