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How long does a vampire need to drink your blood?

How long does a vampire need to drink your blood?

Probably you have ever asked yourself, or not, but today we are going to tell you: How long does it take a vampire to drink someone's blood?

To begin, we must review a few facts: According to mythology, vampires bite on the neck, so they go head-to-head to bite the cartilage arteries or jugular veins. If we want to be efficient and fast, it is best to go for the arteries cartidas, since blood travels at a higher pressure and speed through an artery than through a vein.

On the other hand, a vampire does not want to drink all your blood, but needs what is just and necessary to survive, without actually killing his victim. All these data have been taken into account by a small group of students from the University of Leicester, and have published their results in the Journal of Physics Special Topics.

This is the time it takes for a vampire to drink your blood

To carry out this curious calculation, the students considered the need for two things: Two bite points and flight speed. Taking this into account, and knowing how to choose where to bite (arteries instead of veins), the calculation was clear: A vampire needs 6.4 minutes on average to drink your blood, in sufficient quantity, to survive and not kill you.

The calculation arose taking into account other factors: After losing 15% of the blood, our body stops working properly, our heart wobbles, and the pressure of the cartilage artery will drop. Therefore, the students focused on calculating how long it would take for a vampire to take 15% of a person's blood (about 800 ml of blood, if we consider that in the human body circulate 5-6 L in total) through just two small holes and using the pressure of the blood in favor (the vampires do not suck, they let the blood flow).

In total, the students' calculation was that to drink 15% of a person's blood, through two perforations of just 0.5 mm each, it will take 6.4 minutes on average. Curious, don't you think?