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How to delete Facebook friends


The easiest way to delete a friend from Facebook is to go to your profile and click on the option Delete from friends located at the bottom left:

Option in the other person's profile

Note that from this menu you can also report and block a person for different reasons (false profile, inappropriate photos, violence, copyright, etc.).

Another way to delete a friend is from the menu Account> Edit friends:

On the next page we make sure to select from the dropdown menu All the friendsThis will display the complete list of friends in alphabetical order:

Friends list

The best security measure that we can adopt on Facebook is limit the information we make public, although we can configure the maximum level of privacy (which I recommend for personal profiles), from the moment we publish something, be it a photo, video or comment, stop being private Although only our intimate circle of friends see it.

Having Facebook is good, it brings us closer to other people, we learn things that perhaps we would not otherwise know, but you have to think before publishing.

As a practice, I suggest you go to Account> Privacy settings to investigate what options Facebook offers to protect your privacy and see what information you are sharing with your friends.

See also: Tips for using social networks. Do you take care of your personal information on social networks?