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How to locate or spy on anyone with an Antel cell phone

localizacion por sms en antel

For those who did not know, by means of telephone antennas it is possible to determine the approximate location of any cell phone. Many companies take advantage of this to offer a geolocation service for friends, family or places near our location.

In the case of Antel (with other mobile operators it is very similar) we can send a text message to number 36633 and in a matter of seconds receive another message with the approximate location of the person (more details of the service).

We can also receive an image with its location on the map or view it directly on the website

For this to work the other person you must first accept our invitation to be located, the message you receive is the following: The user (mobile-number) requests your permission to be able to find you. To accept send ACCEPT + (mobile-number) to 36633. For more information go to

This is so for obvious privacy concerns, otherwise anyone could find anyone without their consent.

The problem:

Once the previous invitation is accepted, the person receives a confirmation like the following: The user (mobile-number) can find you at time D 00:00:00 S 23:59:59. If you want to avoid being found by sending suspend (mobile-number) to 36633.

But you receive these messages only oncethat is, in future locations started by us You will not receive any type of notification. This is something that endangers your privacy, because if you forget to suspend the service or we enable it without you noticingBy deleting the messages sent and received the first time, we can know where you are at any time and possibly never find out.

In fact this little detail is clarified in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the service:

How to avoid being located without your permission?

You can see the contacts that have your permission to locate you from the page, if you do not know your password you can receive a new one by SMS to be able to access.

In addition you can also block the service completely from the cell phone with a text message, this way you will not receive invitations nor will they be able to locate you until you enable it again. This is explained in detail in the aforementioned FAQ section.

Interesting, right? Although this kind of services can be used very well, as we can see they can also be used for spying.

Ideally, at each geolocation request the person will always receive another invitation or a simple notification that a certain number or contact is locating them. But this can be annoying for some users, so the solution I find is to send a message from time to time informing that the service is active, at least that way alert the user and avoid misuse, such as unauthorized service configuration.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that when we register for the service, automatically our number can be located by ourselves from the page … this can be Useful in case of theft or loss of the device, just enter and find your approximate location.