How to use Messenger Rooms, the WhatsApp ally for mass video calls

The war over video calling services has started, and all companies want their piece of the pie. Now it's Facebook's turn withMessenger Rooms,the new service from the Zuckerberg social network to make video calls of up to 50 people.

Facebook announced this service a few weeks ago and today is the day it is launched globally. It is being progressively activated for users, making it possiblethat is not yet activated for you.In that case you will have to wait until it is activated in your account.

We will teach you how to use Messenger Rooms, since thanks to its upcoming integration with WhatsAppy and its versatility between platforms, it can be a great option for regular users of the Facebook app ecosystem.

Start a video call

Screenshots of how to use Messenger Rooms. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

The first thing we will need is the Facebook Messenger app in case we want to make the video call from a smartphone or tablet. It is available for both iOS and Android, and you can download it from these links or from the store of your device. The steps that we will relate below are valid for the 2 platforms.

We open the app, and we go to the tab"People".Just below the "Assets" and "Stories" tabs we will see an option:"Create a room",and at the moment we press Messenger create a video call room. Use the default front camera, although you can switch to the front or just cover it. The room will show us what we see through the cameras.

Right below a button will appearto share the room.People who want to enter the room do not necessarily need a Facebook account, although of course we can modify the link to establish a series of parameters. We can choose to join any person or those who have an account, although this can be changed once we start the video call.

Facebook redesign Omicrono

In case you want to do it via PC, you will have to go to the Facebook website. We will need to have the new Facebook design; If you do not play it, you will have to wait to receive it. The procedure is very simple; In the Messenger section, a camera icon will appear with the symbol "+". By clicking on it we will have created our own room, with which we can record using a microphone and a camera. We can also choose how the members will join.

Why is it worth it?

Buttons to start a video call through WhatsApp. WABetaInfo Omicrono

Messenger Rooms has many advantages, and we are not just referring to the capacity to accommodate 50 people. Not neededFacebook accountTo join the video calls, the hosts will have full control over the room. Also, they will be easier to share, needing a simple link for it.

The calls are encrypted with the system that we already knew in Facebook Messenger (which is not end-to-end), so in theory they will be secure. Of course Facebook denies that it collects information from audio or video, but that depends on your level of trust towards the social network.

Another incentive to use Messenger Rooms is that it will soon integrate with WhatsApp in all its versions, including the PC version. From a simple button we can make these video calls through WhatsApp, being able to opt for both the Rooms and the first ones. That s, we will need to have a compatible browser to open the link on PC orthe Messenger appin case of accessing the room through a smartphone.