Huawei Watch GT 2e: a large battery watch but with some absence

It is true: it is not the best idea in the world to buy a smartwatch dedicated to sportin times of quarantine.The situation we are currently in prevents us from going beyond a series of hours a day, but these can be very productive if we intend to do so. Huawei Watch GT 2e going to try to help us.

Huawei does not give up despite its current state with the veto of the United States, and now it is trying to storm the field of smartwatches with this proposal, which comes with serious advantages under the arm. One of those is its exciting battery, which promisesup to 14 days of use.

But it is not the only thing you have to tell us; High-build materials, a vibrant display and good performance. We can't forget of some of its shortcomings,because it has them. And perhaps the biggest problem with this watch is that you are certainly going to be limited.

Elegant and sporty

Huawei Watch GT 2e Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

Despite the price (159) of this watch, Huawei has not spared at all in the design section. We are facing a watch that knows how to perfectly hybridize the concept of sport withthat of elegance.The design of this watch is sportier than that of its previous generation, but without giving up its elegance. It is sober, well designed and will look great on any face.

This is a point that we especially liked, since on a personal level I am not a lover of sports designs. I like to wear my watch when I don't need to do sports, and those kinds of designs are too out of tune with my clothes. Whether you're wearing a gala suit or your best leggings, the Huawei Watch GT 2e will fit your wrist perfectly.

The dimensions are very accomplished. The body is metallic, and weighs only43 grams.The diameter is 10.8 millimeters, which is also perfect, since it is neither too big nor too small. We will have 2 side buttons with which we can interact made of metal and on the front we will find a sphere that will also havean integrated minute hand.Incidentally, the sphere has a diameter of 46 millimeters.

We liked the minute hand on the dial. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

The entire watch oozes quality, even on the buttons. The glass of the screen is very polished, we do not find any imperfections of any kind and even the lower part, which keeps all the technology of trackingIt is also perfectly finished off. Of course, the Huawei Watch GT 2e looks and feels more expensive than it really is.

The 2 side buttons we also liked; They are made of metal, they press well and although they stand out a little for my taste, they are perfectly unmistakable. The upper button is for waking the clock and the lower button can bemap outto add the function that we want.

An important detail is that the strapsthey are totally interchangeable.In our case we have tried a black TPU, which has surprised us how nice it is and how polished it is. It shows that it is of good quality, and the mechanism that the watch uses to hook them is the typical buckle closure with 2 silicone grips.

The perforations allow us to adapt the watch to any type of wrist, although this will depend more on the wrist that dares to house those 46 millimeters of dial. The strap, on the other hand, is integrated in the same body, which prevents unwanted separations between both parts. Being removable,we can clean the strapsif we need it, a good point from Huawei.

AMOLED and outstanding

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the screen is quite important in this class of devices. More especially in those dedicated to sport, since it is essential that you have a good visualization and a correct viewing of the data that is shown in it. Quiet, friends, the Huawei Watch GT 2eapproves this category with note.

The panel is AMOLED and touch-capable, and has a concrete size of 1.39 inches. The resolution, not a minor issue, is454 x 454 pixels,more than enough for current standards. In summary, the screen has shown to have the quality cut that we are used to with Huawei, although it is true that there are certain details to take into account.

The screen, in general, is of very good quality. The brightness is sufficient, since we have not missed that point of luminosity as has happened with other watches, and the sharpness and detail of the elements on the screen have also seemed more than successful. However, it is not perfect.

For starters, the screen has plenty of reflections. It is not something that completely ruins the experience, but if the light hits directly on the screen, we will hardly see anything (although it is very common). Also, the automatic brightness is not very well calibrated; It is slow, it takes time to react and it is easier to just adjust it to our liking or leave it at the top if we go running with it many times.

The biggest problem with this screen is in its oleophobic treatment;the footprints are marked a lot,as well as cleaning. On more than one occasion we have had to pull a cloth to wipe away the traces of grease and the traces that have remained after a few taps on the screen. Again, it's not something that "kills" the screen, but we can't let it go by.

We also enjoy an "Always on Display" mode, that is, an ambient mode that displays relevant notifications and data. When activated, the watch warns us that this will shorten the life of the battery. Since the battery is undoubtedly the highlight of this smartwatch, we recommend activating it. Those,you will have to activate it in the settings.

There are problems in the software

The software has left us a little cold. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

There is little to reproach himto this Huawei Watch GT 2e, of course. But we enter the point that we liked the least about the device: Lite OS, the operating system that gives life to this watch. As far as performance and operation are concerned, we have no problems, since it falls within the expectations if we talk about a smartwatch.

We have the problem in other sections, such as user usability and orientation of the operating system. As is logical to think, the system has a clear emphasison the sport,with a multitude of options and others that we will go through throughout this analysis.

The first important "but" is found with apps.We cannot install external apps;We can only use apps installed within the operating system itself, since we cannot use apps from Google Play. There are many apps within the clock that we can use, such as one of time or a compass, but it is important to limit this fact.

The great majority of functions that we find are intended for sports; The icons allow us to start exercise sessions, register them and access the plethora of functions and exercises available. In fact, the system is specifically designed so that, when it comes time to start an exercise, it takes us 2 keystrokes at most.

We will not be able to install third-party apps. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

NeitherWe can respond to notifications or calls.We can receive them; that is, if we receive a notification on the smartphone, the Huawei Watch GT 2e will allow us to see it, but not respond. In the case of calls we can only reject them, so if we want to answer them we will have to go to our mobile and answer. And yes, we have missed some response method, either using a keyboard or using quick responses.

We also do not have WiFi or NFC. WiFi may be reasonable, but the lack of NFC prevents us from paying with the clock. It is reasonable on the part of Huawei, since Huawei Pay is not in Spain and we cannot install Google Pay, but if you are one of those users who pay with the clock, you will certainly be limited.

Before starting to break down its functions, we must indicate that to use the device we have to use the Huawei Health app, which implies a rather serious problem that we will review in a future section in more detail.

Many functions, that s

The functions of this watch s we liked. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

First of all, let's review what features this Huawei Watch GT 2e has under the hood:

  • Sensors: Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, optical sensor for heart rate measurement, barometer and ambient light meter and barometer.
  • Water resistance up to 5 ATM

This Huawei watch had a quite important presentation, with special emphasis on its functions. I boasted of havingmore than 100 types of sport,which is true. The watch is full of sports and has a plethora of exercise modes for both this sport class and exercises not listed as such.

It is even dizzying; All these functions are divided into subcategories to see all the exercises at our disposal, as well as their status and records. We will also have the ability to measureour heart rate,with its own section.

We have been struck by the fact that Huawei has included some less "majority" sports, such as dragon-boat,parkour,rock climbing or even flying kites. If you'retriathleteOr you just like to do more "calm" sports like walking or swimming, you will also find your type of exercise. There is no shortage of classics, such as walking, walking outdoors, etc.

More than 100 sports for all audiences. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

If we start a session, the clock will use the SpO2 sensor, the GPS integrated in the device and the heart rate sensor. The watch will record the route without having to carry the mobile on it and the heart rate sensor will be supported by 2 LED emitters (which we will be able to see flashing at first sight) in addition to 2 other reading sensors to read our pulsations.

The reports of the Huawei Watch GT 2e are complete and they detail very well what we have done. As we have already mentioned in the design section, the watch is not uncomfortable and is quite light and pleasant to wear, which increases this feeling of satisfaction. Huawei, without a doubt, has finished off the focus of this watch, which is sports.

Another pretty good function isTruSleep,with which we can monitor sleep (again, something ideal since this watch is not at all uncomfortable). According to Huawei, this function extrapolated the normal rhythm of the sinuses and respiratory signals from the heart rate data to analyze our sleep. It translates into a full report to find out what time we slept, got up, light, deep sleep, REM, and more to get a score over 100.

14 days of autonomy

A splendid battery. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

The truth is that the Huawei Watch GT 2e can boast of many things, but what more can it boastIt is battery.Huawei already promised 14 days of autonomy with the previous generation, and this time it has been fulfilled. With the smartphone receiving notifications all day, with almost daily exercise monitoring and without monitoring sleep, we have been activeabout 12 days,with the ambient mode activated.

Logically, the more things we activate on the clock or the more sessions we make less last, but the battery will not be a problem even for the most demanding athlete. Unless you are a truly extreme athlete, no user who wants to squeeze this watch will be lacking "juice" even if it is used a lot.

It will charge using a charging base, and quite fast;around an hourto load it to the top. Highlights theUSB-C portfrom the base; the vast majority of other watch bases use micro-USB and as long as you have a USB cable from a fairly new smartphone you can easily charge it.

A warning to users

There has been a problem with the device. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

In a normal situation, we would end this analysis with a reflection, but we cannot leave without warning you of a problem. As you know, Huaweiis vetoed by the United States,and that prevents him from trading in any way with US companies. Hence, we cannot install Google Play applications.

This has a consequence, and that is for the clock to workWe will need the Huawei Mobile Services.If you have a Huawei device, don't worry; You can configure the device in no time, since it requires the Health app integrated in the system. But if instead you do not have a Huawei smartphone,you will have some problems(except if you have iPhone).

In the case of Android, if you have a device without the Huawei Mobile Services, you will have to download them from here. Also, you will have todownload your store,the App Gallery, and have it installed. Only in this way will the Health app allow us to use the watch.

If you are a user with some knowledge of technology, you will have no problem downloading these APKs and running your Huawei Watch GT 2e. However, if you are not one of those users, we advise you to receive assistance from a person with such knowledge since the process of "linking" this watch may be more murky than normal.

Its configuration is not at all 'user-friendly'. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

In addition, it has powerfully caught our attentionthe multitude of permits they needboth the Huawei App Gallery and its Huawei Mobile Services. It is logical, they need to work in the system, but some users may back out when they see the "calico" that they have to mount to use this watch.

Light and shadow on a large clock

At the end of the day it is still a good watch. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

The Huawei Watch GT 2e is far from being a problem-free watch, but it doesn't have enough to call it a useless device. On the contrary; we are faced with a great alternative if we are looking for asmartwatchdedicated to sportfor less than 200 euros.

Because its price helps a lot to mitigate its shadows. It can be found in the Huawei store for around 159 euros, a price juicy and that can be found even for less in stores like Amazon.We can think of equally complete options in a price range below 200 euros .

Huawei Watch GT 2e. Manuel Fernndez Omicrono

It may not be thesmartwatchPerfect, but any user who is looking for a sports watch will not be disappointed. Its great AMOLED screen, its great construction and its excellent battery make this watch, despite its problems,a good buy.Especially if you are able to deal with these little details that make it far from being an ideal watch for everyone.