I challenge you, you won't be able to see this without crying

The following message was posted by a spam application As you can see from Facebook, it tries to attract attention with an alleged challenge:

Clicking starts the installation in the profile, the permissions you get allow you to access personal information and post messages on friends' walls:

After installing it, a page is loaded in which you are asked to click to start the challenge:

Finally a site with advertising and more than 30 like buttons:

These hoaxes appeared a few months ago, one of the first was that of free checks and since then the variants were many, such as the QuienVeTuProfile .com.ar and $ 1 for each click on Like.

Avoiding being a victim of these tricks is simple, you just have to be careful with the links that are followed and the applications that are installed, even if they are recommended by a friend.

Remember that installed apps can be removed from Account> Privacy settings> Edit your settings (bottom left in the Applications section).


Other similar fraudulent applications publish the following messages:

This fat man destroyed his life in 2 minutesdo you remember this game that good! (Classic Mario Bros)

Thanks NeiKeR for the notice.

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