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I don't like button, new scam for Facebook with SMS subscription


In the last few hours, many users have received messages from their friends like the following:

At last! You can now put the button -I don't like it- I already put it on, if you want to put it on so you can also click on the blue text below that says Button I Don't Like.

Clicking accesses the next page (button like .com):

This is a scam Similar to the one who visited your profile propagated a few weeks ago, victims should follow a series of steps and copy a code that when executed automatically sends messages to all your friends.

In this case the excuse to cheat is an assumption I don't like button.

The following screenshot shows part of the code they use to send spam messages:

Once it is copied into the address bar and Enter is pressed, the script runs by posting the message on all walls. At the same time, a message like the following is displayed:

Then put the phone to activate the button

Finally it ends on the page of a rather dubious SMS subscription service and that it has no relationship with Facebook, unfortunately few users read the fine print at the bottom of the page:

Fine print (terms of service):

(click to see larger)

Possibly hundreds or perhaps thousands of people have sent the message thinking that they were activating the button, if any of your friends fell into the trap, the ideal would be warn them to unsubscribe from the serviceWell, if they don't, they will be charged an extra cost for each message received.

There are several pages that are operating similarly, another is like button .is:

A good help to avoid these tricks and navigate safer is to use the WOT plugin in the browser, in the following screenshot you can see it in action marking the fraudulent link with a red circle:

Red link = page with bad reputation


In Yahoo! Answers I just came across the following: Yes

Update 2:

On xylibox you can see an example in French of these tricks, it is logical that they spread in all languages ​​since there are more than 500 million users on Facebook and not all of them speak English 🙂

See also: Acebook, Facebok and Faecbook .com domains used to cheat.