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If you want to recharge your cell phone, do not enter your information on any page


The following is a website that I found a few days ago when I commented on Yahoo phishing, currently it is not operational but it is worth commenting on the case. It was a portal that supposedly allows recharging the cell phone from the internet, at first glance everything seemed normal but personal information was requested –including credit card– without offering no security:

There was no information on the terms of service or anything like that, just a few contact phones and a form without HTTPS that requested the information and was created with an online application called PHP FormMail Generator:

Once the information was entered, the form the one sent by email To the person in charge of the page that one goes to know what he was doing with it. To be a service of these characteristics is not something very reliable right?

Be careful when entering personal information, especially if you want to make a purchase or payment online. If we do not know the service, the ideal is to go to the official pages, in this case that of our telephone company, ask for and seek recommendations from other users.

As always, common sense.