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In Rosario (Argentina) they steal more than 120 thousand dollars from a bank account


In the city of Rosario they stole more than 120 thousand dollars of the bank account of an entrepreneur … as reported by various media the money transfer was done online.

It is not yet known how they managed to access their virtual account, what has been revealed so far is that they were made 10 transfers from 50 thousand Argentine pesos (about 12,500 dollars) to different accounts within the country.

Much of the money was removed by windows in different banks, for which there are already detainees who will have to explain how and why the money arrived in their accounts.

Surely the cybercriminals hired money mules to get the banknotes, these are people who cheated receive the transfers in their personal accounts in exchange for a commission, they generally do not know that the money is stolen. When the police investigate, your data is the only one listed.

According to the Rosario3 portal, the detainees so far are residents of Rosario.

As we see, contrary to what many think, these things also happen in our language … in this case, being a large sum of money, it comes out in all media, but the truth is that attacks of this type that steal small amounts of accounts Virtuals are very common.

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