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Is the viper the fastest snake in the world?

Is the viper the fastest snake in the world?

We tend to think that the fastest snake in the world It is the snake, since its swift bite can be lethal in most scenarios.

However, this belief may also be due in large part to the snake's way of killing: A quick bite. When your way of acting depends on how fast you nail your fangs, you obviously need speed, but this does not mean that this species must be the fastest snake in the world.

Under this hypothesis, David Penning and his colleagues from the Louisiana University They wanted to check if other species of snakes that don't use their bite to hunt are as slow as we think, or if they can compete with the same vbora. And the result is striking at best.

The snake, the fastest snake in the world?

Penning's research, published in Biology Letters, makes us realize that Just because a snake doesn't kill with its fangs doesn't mean it's slow. In fact, the simple attempt of a snake to strike, without receiving venom from its fangs, may be enough to do enough damage.

To demonstrate this, Penning and his colleagues used 32 snakes in their laboratory: A total of 18 rattlesnakes and 14 other snakes called mousetraps (or ratsnakes in English). The latter, the snakes, stand out for having no poison with which to attack their prey. However, that does not mean that they do not bite or are not lethal: They kill their prey by constriction or by hugging them.

The demonstration of the speed of the snakes, in video

In this case, instead of offering live prey to the snakes, the researchers tried to get the snakes to defend themselves from stuffed gloves that approached them with a stick. They move them until the snake tries to defend itself by jumping for the glove, and all this will be captured by high-speed cameras. Of course, harmless snakes are not slow at all.

As you can see in the video, both the rattlesnakes and the mousetraps could compete for the title of the fastest snake in the world. Without the cameras, you couldn't see how it happened. Human flickering takes 202 milliseconds, and both snakes and snakes launch an attack at one speed between 50 and 90 milliseconds.

For researchers, it makes perfect sense that other snakes are as fast or faster than the well-known rattlesnake; Obviously these reptiles are not going to stay waiting to be attacked by other snakes or other animals, and they also need speed to hug their prey. Mammals react at a speed of 60 to 395 milliseconds to an attack, but if any snake manages to launch itself in just 50 or 90 milliseconds, it does not look good for the victim.