Jay teaches me the secret of great business

The following is the capture of an email that offers me a system to work from home, Jay sent it to me and although do not know him It seemed serious to me, so I did not resist clicking:

I ended up on the next page that input is already asking me for data (name and email), but since he said that it was something 100% guaranteed and without risk, I had no reason to worry, right ?:

I completed the form and on the next page there was information about a system to get richIt looked like something great that really worked. Then they asked me for more information How much money did I want to earn, if I was currently working, etc … It seemed logical to me so that they could get to know me better:

By sending the information you are was automatically evaluated, that is technology! not everyone does:

When the evaluation finished was selected and a guy appeared in a video saying that I was different from 97% of the people, although it seemed strange to me since he had answered nonsensical things, but hey, he was already a VIP, he was inside and that was a good thing:

Finally, after several pages full of success stories and already convinced that this worked, all he wanted was to receive the product kit to start working. It was there that they asked me for more information and the credit card to make a initial payment of $ 198 plus shipping costs:

I have to pay? Was it not without risk?… I analyzed it for a few moments and it made sense, they were going to send me top-notch products that also included several free things valued at hundreds of dollars, such as a quick start guide ($ 147), SEO course ($ 247) and books for me to learn to be a good businessman (+ $ 200), also had 14 days warranty to return the products if you were not satisfied.

If I keep the products in the following months they will charge me automatically 3 other installments of $ 198 plus shipping costs, but since these products are sold alone I think it is a great business.

What do you think, should I trust? There I forgot, when they left the page they kindly offered me a discount to start with only $ 99!

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