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Katty Benavides commented on your wall, fake video on Facebook with Trojan


The following is a fake email that is circulating as spam, as you can see in the following screenshot, pretends to be a Facebook message for a new post on the wall. Katty is apparently sharing her intimate video suitable only for those over 18:

Click to see larger

Any of the links start the download of a file called facebook.exe which is actually a Trojan. As I always say, it is a simple but effective attack because many people do not pay attention to what they do or because of ignorance they download the file believing that it is something real.

The hot context obviously helps many to be tempted by the video, plus the attackers included the phrase Download the new facebook video player here so that some believe that something must be installed to see the supposed video.

These spam emails have been circulating for several days with different variants, so be careful with Facebook's warnings. The best thing not to be deceived is go directly to instead of clicking on the links receivedWe can see any new activity directly in profile, for some it can be somewhat tedious not to access it directly through the link, but it is best to rule out any attack.

Thanks Nancy for sending.

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