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Knowing a little more about the fake antivirus market

panel de bestav programa de afiliados spam

Yesterday I made reference to the news of the cybercriminal with almost 15 million dollars in the bank, generated with the business of false antivirus. Today I find a great XyliBox post where you can see the degree of organization that these cyber mafias.

On the one hand there are the creators of the false antivirus that have a whole system of purchase / sale, on the other affiliates to the service that are those that directly go out to propagate them. The profits are divided between 50 and 50, the more victims they get the more money they earn.

In the following screenshot you can see the administration panel that affiliates have:

Ah they have everything they need to go out infecting, from the installer of the fake antivirus already prepared to be undetectable, to a complete panel of statistics. They also have a news section to stay on top of the latest system updates and personalized support through tickets and chat!

In the following screenshot you can see real statistics of a professional affiliate, in 25 days it infected about 40 thousand machines and earned 17 thousand dollars:

This partnerka (affiliate network in Russia) called BestAV2 It is responsible for spreading fake antivirus like MS Removal Tool, Security Tool, among many other clones.

At XyliBox you can find more information and see many more screenshots.