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Latch ARW a new Anti-Ransomware to protect folders

Latch ARW protegiendo carpeta

Latch ARW is a new Anti-Ransomware tool created by ElevenPaths that allows you to protect folders in Windows in a very simple way so that they are not modified or hijacked by this kind of malware that is causing so many problems today.

Protecting a folder with Latch ARW

Latch is an application that can be installed on the cell phone to be used as a second authentication factor in various online services, it can even be used to protect access to accounts from the operating system and platforms such as WordPress.

This new tool allows Latch Windows folders that are considered more important as documents, photos, backups and others. Once configured, the files are only read-enabled and cannot be modified or deleted until the action is authorized from the phone in the Latch application.

In this way, even if Windows is infected with ransomware, the malware will not be able to erase, encrypt or do its thing in the folders that are protected. The tool has been tested in real environments and has worked very well.

A few days ago Chema Alonso presented it at the ElevenPaths Security Innovation Day event, in the following video you can quickly see its operation from the 12 and a half minute:

Latch ARW is a free tool and can be downloaded from here from here.

It works with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

You can also find more details on how it works in this article on Chema Alonso's blog.