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Lil Wayne's Twitter engaged


In Sophos I find myself in a rather curious situation, someone managed to access the Twitter of Lil Wayne, a famous rap singer, and started writing all kinds of messages and insults towards other celebrities.

Lil got her account back but it seems I deleted it to avoid future problems, because it was not the first time that happened:

(click to see larger)

In this screenshot of the Google cache you can clearly see that it had more than 1 million followers and it was a verified account, that is, it really belonged to the artist.

The messages posted were not spam or malicious, so I guess they guessed their password. The problem with celebrities is that they are always in the sights of attackers, in addition many times close people such as representatives also have access to accounts, so the chances of attack are even greater.

Today we are used to sharing a lot personal information on social mediaThis information can be very useful for an attacker, they can send us a personalized email with an infected attachment or links to a phishing page, even create lists of possible passwords or secret responses that we could be using … there are many possibilities and the information we usually give it In tray.

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