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Looking to chat with cute girls? Beware of fake websites


If you want to chat and are about to venture into the web in search of friends, you better be careful with the sites you visit and the things you download. In the following screenshot you can see a fraudulent page that offers a free chat, when you click on the link or the images that simulate being videos, the download of a file called video-chat.exe:

Actually it's a Trojan (VT 6/44), the victim will not see any chat or anything like it and since it does not work, they will surely keep looking for other pages while their team comes under the control of the attacker.

It is an easy hoax to detect, the context is unreliable and it is an unknown page, but still many users are careless and download whatever.

This attack reminds me of the pages that simulate being chats with webcams and hide the malware in a Java application, in some it is necessary for the user to accept the execution of the application but in others the computer can be automatically infected by vulnerabilities in the plugins or the browser.

Therefore, in addition to being cautious and using common sense when browsing, we must have the operating system and all our programs updated to close the doors to attackers.

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