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Mario Kart on Facebook? Beware is another deception


Spam on Facebook is becoming more elaborate and not only seeks to deceive unsuspecting users, but also those who usually detect it in time. Fake messages are currently being spread offering play Mario Kart online with friends, I must admit that the idea of ​​the scammers was good since if it were real it would be something very fun:

Clicking on the links ends in a page that looks like this:

Click to see larger

The Play Now button does not start any game. As in other similar spam campaigns, fake surveys, messages of supposed gifts are displayed and redirects are made to subscription pages by SMS. When cheated users complete them, scammers make money.

In another post I had already made reference to the topic and the circle of fraudulent advertising on Facebook that encourages this type of practice for being very effective and leaving a lot of cash.

According to information published by Sophos, automatic publications have been detected in walls and also direct messages, which suggests that users would be installing some kind of application in their profiles or in the browser. For now the campaign is spreading in English, but it would not be strange to find variants in other languages ​​such as Spanish.

In the tests I did, the like button in the upper screenshot posts the message on the victim's wall and the counter indicates that they have been carried out. over 237 thousand clicks! Update the post as I discover more details of the case.

By the way, I forgot to comment, if you want to play a flash version of Mario Kart super minimalist online, enter here. They can also install the game SuperTuxKart on Windows, Linux or Mac which is very similar and free.