Megavideo .bz and hxxp: // are a fake Megaupload!

I guess everyone should know the news about Megaupload closing for copyright reasons, so I'm just going to refer to a fake site that appeared today and is pretending to be the new Megaupload.

It can be accessed in two ways and I do not recommend that you do so because your PC could be infected.

One of them is through the domain megavideo .bzand the other by the IP 109,236. 83.66:

It is enough to ping to realize that they are the same place, although by DNS propagation it can also return IP

This tool is called HostTracker

What did they do it for? I don't know, but has no relation to the actual MegauloadAt the moment they just copy the cover design and add advertising to take advantage of the moment and make some money.

The problem is that many access believing that it is a new version and cheat or infect them It won't be complicated:

Sometimes it scares me to see how easy it is to deceive people on the internet, some even think that Anonymous has a Megaupload backup and is uploading it in that domain: S

If you want to access what is left of true megaupload Google the cache (it is no longer available), then if you want and knowing what you are doing (at least use updated Firefox + NoScript) compare the source code with that of the fake site and you will see that it is simply vulgar copy 🙂

Note: As I write this post, browsers started blocking the domain for phishing.

Thanks @federicocalvo and ChoroyHerp for the notices.

Update: more evidence that the site is fake

After the Megavideo .bz domain was blocked, the page was updated and now displays the following message:

Leaving aside the sloppiness of this supposed new Megaupload, but someone explain to me how a site that generated millions of dollars in profits and had hundreds of servers ends in this: Q, now the IP solves the domain satuno .net, that is, if satuno .net is accessed, the fake Megaupload site loads:

If you access / admin you end up on a site login page:

In Google you can see that the site has several indexed pages:

And the same with the IP:

The funny thing is that now many believe that Megaupload will be renamed Satuno 🙂

New update:

The false page has a public visit counter that allows you to see how many people are connected at the same time:

The screenshot shows that for several hours the average number of users who were on the site was approximately10 thousand, then it was decreasing possibly due to a server saturation. It is currently slow to load but clones are appearing under other domains, the following is an example:

Try not to enter these strange pages, it would not be strange that they began to use them to infect and steal information.

Update Saturday 21:

The fake IP site now only shows the message with a white background, this happens because the design files were copied directly from what was left of Megaupload, but as the hours passed those files even online stopped responding. The source code was also modified and simplified, removing traces of files that no longer load: