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More London 2012 hoaxes: splogs, fake ticket sales and infected apps

blog spam deportes en vivo

In recent days, various types of scams related to the Olympic games have been detected. Last week I reported spam videos on YouTube, this time I have found some splogs(spam blogs) that seek to get money by deceiving users:

This site simulates offering streaming content to watch live sports and tries to position itself on the hot topics of the Olympics. However everything you see is false, the apparent players are only images that link to an affiliate system of bad reputation and known for its spamming practices:

This is not the only deception that is circulating, since TrendMicro have denounced other fraudulent pages that carry out similar practices and have detected false applications for mobiles that pretend to be the official ones of London 2012.

They have also been detected sites that simulate selling tickets or tickets, in the following screenshot you can see one of them:

At first glance the portal seems legitimate, it has different sections, a shopping cart and even pretends to have a support chat, however everything was set up to steal the victims' money and personal information.

Common sense: these deceptions can be detected or avoided if we use common sense. Before making any kind of purchase or download, the ideal is to look for information on an official page or reliable sources.

The official website for the 2012 Olympics is, mobile applications such as games can be downloaded from and, as I mentioned a few days ago, the Olympics can be viewed online for free … a list of official broadcasters By country you can see it here.