NASA publishes incredible panoramic photos based on the work of Apollo 11

It is no more and no less than 50 years since man first set foot on the Moon; How fast time goes by! NASA has wanted to celebrate this special anniversary by publishing panoramic photos of the Apollo 11 mission so far. We show them to you!

Never-before-seen views of Apollo 11

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the Moon, NASA has decided to share some panoramic that they allow us to put ourselves in the place of the only 12 people who have been able to step on the Earth's satellite with their own feet.

In order to do this, NASA image experts have joined different photographs taken by Apollo astronauts. The only geologist who has ever set foot on the moon, Harrison Jack Schmitt, has approved the photos for their realism. Next we leave you one of the panoramas:

The truth is that the shots are impressive, it must be surreal to know that you have a star practically for yourself. Schmitt assures that in the Taurus-Littrow Valleyyou can see one of the most spectacular natural scenes of the Solar System. As an image is worth a thousand words, here you play it in panoramic form:

To se her full galley in original resolution, formed by 45 views, you just have to click here. NASA has also created a360 degree versionjoining these images; Anyone who wants to enjoy it should go to NASA Johnson's Facebook account.

Access the full panoramic gallery

Here the 360 ​​degree version

Featured photo: NASA on Unsplash