New iPhone 11 leaked, which will have three cameras seems safe

We are already at the time of year when rumors about the next iPhone begin to flourish. It is still several months before the official presentation, of course, but due to the way in which the production of devices works, the design of the new model has to be more or less finalized. If it is delayed much further (as it has been in other years), parts suppliers may not be in time for manufacturing and assembly.

Thus, it is normal that from here to the next September or October we see many rumors about how to be the next iPhone. But oddly, there may not be much left to teach if the last leak is true. It comes from a famous anonymous source in the industry, Mr White, and is nothing less than the schematics of the next iPhone.

The new iPhone with three cameras

The leak seems to come from some factory, as it consists of the sketch that the suppliers receive to manufacture the parts according to the specifications. In this case, it is the chassis, in which all the components will be mounted; therefore it gives us several clues as to what the new iPhone will be like and what features it will have.

The most obvious is, without a doubt, the three holes in the upper left of the image; They will be there to install the three cameras that the new iPhone is rumored to have. This is something that has already been discussed previously, especially thanks to rendered images published by OnLeaks. Although they are not real, they serve to give us an idea of ​​what an iPhone with three cameras would look like.

Apple would have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon of craziness in which its main rivals, such as Samsung, are already. Each of these cameras is often used for something different, whether it's getting more resolution with a black-and-white sensor, more optical zoom, or more depth information.

Therefore, Apple will have to sacrifice some of its aesthetic work to at least measure up to its competitors. Otherwise, the rest of the details confirm things that we already knew; for example, the large central hole is for wireless charging. We hope that by the time this iPhone arrives, Apple has already launched its wireless charging base.