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New notification from Facebook (spam campaign)


For a few days, false emails have been circulating that pretend to be Facebook notifications, the campaign appears to be quite large, the messages are in English and look very convincing. Most are blocked, but the case is worth commenting on as some may sneak in and it's not uncommon for users to check spam trays.

Links make redirects to pages that sell fraudulent medications online, a dirty business that seems to be leaving a lot of money for cybercriminal gangs:

Fake email that pretends to be from Facebook

Here you can find more information about fake pharmacies and here is a follow-up made by XyliBox to this class of scammers.

Typical fake online pharmacy

General recommendations: Be suspicious of the offers related to medicines or supplements that you receive by e-mail, avoid clicking on the links or open attachments, do not reply to these messages, much less buy any product in this context. If you are subscribed to the newsletter of a trusted pharmacy, before carrying out any operation, check the URL to ensure you are on the legitimate site.

There are many variants of this pharmaceutical spam such as those that pretend to be Apple bills, YouTube messages, direct Twitter messages or just meaningless links that seem to be shared by our friends.

You have to be careful, a simple click could start the malware download, lead us to a page that automatically infects or to a phishing page that tries to steal our data.

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Thanks @Guillew for the notice on Twitter.