New Office 2011 (spam)

The following email is not known if it promotes a portable version of Open Office or a new version of Microsoft Office, at first glance it may seem confusing and that is exactly the idea, confuse and generate enthusiasm in victims so they think they are facing a unique opportunity:

Spam mail

When any of the links is clicked, you end up on a site that has a pretty compelling design:

Nice site but fake

It's about a fake site, used simply to fool with a nice design. The information offered is very basic and all the links lead to a page that starts the purchase of the program, To download and try it you must first pay!.

About this type of campaign I have already written several posts, they are part of a fraudulent software market that pays affiliates a percentage for each sale obtained. The company behind this is headquartered in the Bahamas to evade laws and other issues.

In this case, in addition, when making the purchase, the page requesting the card does not even have a security certificate (it does not have https), which makes it even more suspicious:

The card is requested on an insecure page

Remember to be very careful with promotions that arrive in the mail!

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