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New Orkut Sex Version? No, actually Phishing Version


Despite the fact that the big G is betting heavily on Google+, his old social network Orkut It is still widely used in some countries such as Brazil. The following case of phishing is sent to me by a reader, it is a fake page pretending to be an adult version of Orkut.

Design can fool more than one, and the combination of live webcams, chats and Brazilian girls is very tempting:

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If the victim does not detect the deception, they end up losing their Google username and passwordThis will give attackers full account access to steal information and spread spam. After entering the data, a redirection is made to an adult page, this entertains the user while forgetting what happened: D

To avoid falling into these deceptions, you have to pay attention to URLs before entering a password, in addition to being careful with the links published on social networks. A good tool that can help detect false pages is WOT, it is a plugin that is installed in the browser and checks the reputation of all links.

If by mistake you are a victim of phishing what you should do is change the password as soon as possible!

This Orkut phishing reminds me of the fake girl profiles I came across some time ago and were used to drive traffic to pages full of advertising.

The site has already been reported and is now blocked by browsers.

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