New thin ATM Skimmers that are placed inside the slot

Researcher Brian Krebs published a few days ago images of a new type of skimmer that are thin enough to slide straight into the ATM slots.

Recall that the devices used to clone credit cards are called skimmers, a criminal practice called skimming. In the following link you can read more information about it: did you know that they can clone your card when using an ATM?

The following images published by Brian are courtesy of the EAST (European ATM Security Team):

The little one green plate on the left It is designed to copy the information of the magnetic strips and unlike other skimmers, it can be placed directly inside the slot of the cashier which its detection is difficult enough with the naked eye.

Although the details were not published, this device comes with a small camera or fake keyboard, necessary to record the victim's PIN. In this way, with the information of the magnetic stripe and the captured code, the criminals can create new cards and use them to withdraw the money at any other ATM.

If you want to see the ease with which these devices are installed, I recommend watching the following video on YouTube shared publicly some time ago by the German police. Two people can be seen quickly placing a skimmer and the camera on the keyboard:

Some advices:

As I have already commented in other articles, when using an ATM it is good to carefully observe the card slot for foreign elements and verify its firmness as if you were going to take it out. You should also pay attention to the keyboard in search of a fake one that is placed on top of the real one and the best thing, when entering the PIN, is to cover it with your other hand or your wallet.

The following images can illustrate these tips, click to see larger:

Finally, comment that skimming is not something that is only done at ATMs, they can also clone your card or copy their visible data in a restaurant, supermarket or any other business.

For this reason, it is always good to control the transactions carried out and manage with credit limits.