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News click here Facebook Video Message (spam)


The title is the content of some spam messages that have been circulating for days, clicking ends in a fraudulent page requesting the Hotmail password:

Message sent from a compromised account

The message pretends to be something related to Facebook but if you look at the URL of the link you can see that the destination has nothing to do with it. Clicking loads the next page that has a background image with a hot video to attract attention and in the foreground the form with which the credentials are stolen:

Form that steals data

When the victim enters the data scammers use your account to spread the fake message across the entire contact listThis has a great viral effect and greater effectiveness since the messages are sent from the same user accounts. Then a redirect is made to some page with false advertising or promotions, which generates income for scammers.

There are many variants of these false messages, recently I commented on a similar case and yesterday @Guillew also denounced it on Twitter.

If you got caught in the trap you should change your password as soon as possibleIn addition, if you used it in other services such as Facebook, for security you should also change it.

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