Nigerian scam for house and apartment rental

On the Eset blog I have come across a variant of these tricks that makes use of classifieds portals. It all starts with a false notice of a house for rent at a very affordable price and with all the comforts, like someone saying one of those opportunities that cannot be missed.

Fake rental ad

When the alleged owner is contacted by mail, a typical Nigerian scam response is received which attempts to convince the victim to send Money in advance. The stories they invent are varied, but the classic one is that for work reasons they are outside the country and therefore cannot show the house personally, and since they had to leave suddenly they did not have time to contact any real estate agency that acted as intermediary, that is to say, the keys they have them like all the papers.

It is there when they request the money (a percentage or one) with the story that they will send the keys and a contract. In other variants this is supposedly necessary for a real estate agent to call them and show them the place, in short, by Googling, you can find many similar stories from different countries and cities (examples here, here and here in Spanish), all with the common denominator to request money in advance and be notices of dreamed rentals.

Common sense is the first thing we must keep in mind when browsing and especially when buying and looking for offers. In case of suspicions, a good practice is Google the email address or some phrases of the advertisements and messages received, scam artists often use the same texts and so it is easy to discover them.

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