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Nigerian-style scam with car sales


This case was sent to me by mail and for a few days I have been exchanging messages with scammers to see how they operate. It all starts with a Fake ad posted on a classifieds siteWhen the advertiser is contacted, they respond saying that the car is out of the country and request an advance payment to start the shipping process.

The matter is a bit tangled, so let's look at the actual emails to see how it works:

Fake Ads

This announcement can be found on the OLX Argentina portal, the seller is a certain jose pedro ( and the email he sends is the following, just do a search on Google to find the same message reported on many sites:

Response sent to all buyers

With a click on the images you can see larger, apparently the car will be in Spain and it offers two options in a pretty bad spanish (two signs that something strange is happening and enough not to trust).

1. You can get here by plane I can meet you at the Valencia Airport Terminal without problems, we make the purchase-sale papers at a branch here and you can bring it to the road from the back (it has insurance – itv passed – taxes a day and you can circulate without problems even in Argentina) .2. We do it through an insurance company that is an Escrow company

The first option is meaningless, it seems that the guy does not know that there is an ocean involved. The second refers to a company that offers a guarantee deposit service to receive the money and deliver it according to the conditions previously agreed by all parties.

Must have be very careful with this because there are services that are real and many that are fraudulentIn this context, deception is safe. After replying with false data, I received the following responses:

Seller Message Mail from the alleged mediating company

The first is from the alleged seller confirming that everything is working and the second pretends to be the company that guarantees payment, notice that they write from a Hotmail address and with many misspellings, which is very suspicious. To make everything seem more legitimate, they also have a fake website that is actually a copy of another belonging to a transport company:

Fake website used in deception

They ask for the money in advance in Western Union:

Generally, in this type of scam, money is requested in advance, when the victim sends it, the vendors disappear and there is not much to do, since they can be found anywhere in the world.

In this case they request that the money be sent in the name of a relative so that no one else can withdraw it. This is somewhat confusing and allows you to give victims a sense of security, however having all the information of the money transfer the scammers will be able to withdraw it with false identifications or perhaps a settlement with the office employee (more info on the subject):

There are many variants of these tricks, some more elaborate than others, even calling you on the phone to try to convince you that the purchase is safe. Not long ago he also commented on a similar case but with the rental of houses. I hope that these posts serve as an example to not be deceived so easily, you have to apply common sense and inform yourself well before starting any type of purchase on the internet.

Lastly, mention that one of the tips they give from OLX is precisely do not buy vehicles if the seller is in another country.

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