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No, using tablets as "electronic babysitters" is not a good idea.

No, using tablets as "electronic babysitters" is not a good idea.

Tablets have become inseparable companions for adults, but unfortunately also for many children, who are using drinks as granddaughters and this can be worrying.

A couple of days ago, I was having breakfast in a coffee maker when the situation at the next table caught my attention. A young couple happily sipped coffee and toast while their two young children, sitting next to them, played with a tablet.

If this caught my attention, it was not only because the youngest, about two years old, handled the tablet with much more ease than I will ever have, but also because it seemed as if neither he nor his sister were there. And it is that this type of electronic devices have become the 21st century granddaughtersAlways looking after your children, wherever they go, as long as the battery holds.

When do parents usually let their children play with tablets?

The new technologies bring endless benefits to our lives, including those of children. In fact, in a controlled and supervised by AdultsThey can use tablets and computers to improve Cognitive abilities how concentration, spatial vision or memory.

However, in general, parents are not usually present in their games, since they usually give them this type of electronic devices to have more free time or end their tantrums.

This is corroborated by a study carried out by a series of Scientists at CS Mott Children's Hospital, University of Michigan, which states that parents with more difficulty coping with anger of their children are the ones that allow them the most hours to play with these types of devices.

What consequences can these habits have for children?

According to a large number of scientific studies, the abuse of tablets, computers and televisions on the part of children has harmful consequences such as obesity (logical, if we take into account that they increase sedentary lifestyle) or difficulties to socialize and communicate. The latter, in addition, feeds back the tantrums, for they will become increasingly unable to argue with their parents in a relaxed manner, and will resort more quickly to tantrums to get what they want.

The solution to the problem of stablets as grandchildren

If we ask ourselves if the solution is prohibit their use of these devices the answer is not. As I was saying, parents can get tablets and computers play on your part, but not as granddaughters, but participating in educational processes. But for this, it is necessary, on the one hand, be with them while they play and, on the other hand, make them see that they also have to other activitieshow to practice sport or to play with his flesh and blood friends.

In addition, it would be highly recommended to start by teaching parents to face tantrums of their children.

As always, the answer is the dose and the dialogue.

Source: JAMA Pediatrics