ODROID-C2, the alternative that puts the Raspberry Pi 3 on the ropes

Interested in the Raspberry Pi 3? Well attentiveODROID-C2, an alternative It does not make things easy for you, offering more power and in the same price range.

On March 1, 2016 the Raspberry Pi Foundation project turned 4 years old and in this time they have managed to put more than 8 million Raspberry Pi on the market. It is true that this type of minicomputers are the most popular and with a huge community behind, but they are not the only ones.

Hardkernel is the company for many electronic components, from boards to camera modules or power adapters. ODROID-C2 is worthy rival for Raspberry Pi 3, overcoming it in some sections.

ODROID-C2 Features

As the heart ofODROID-C2 we find an Amlogic S905 processor, a four-core CPU with the same Cortex ARM A53 that uses the Raspberry Pi 3, but in this case at a speed of 2GHz, while on the Pi 3 it goes to 1.2GHz.

Of course, here Hardkernel goes big and they also accompany him 2GB of DDR3 RAM, a point at which users have felt a bit of a disappointment with the renewal of the Raspberry Pi 3, since it maintains 1GB of DDR2 RAM and is already starting to be insufficient in some cases.

Another point where the ODROID-C2 board overtakes the Raspberry Pi 3 from the right in the portGigabit ethernet, but on the other hand it loses in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, characteristics that the Pi 3 already integrates and here you have to pull USB adapters.

ODROID-C2 price, alternative to Raspberry Pi 3

Despite these improvements (and others, such as the HDMI port that supports the 4K), the ODROID-C2 board is not insanely priced, just $ 5 more. That is to say, $ 40 for this powerful alternative for those looking for a different option than the classic Raspberry Pi.

Of course, this also has a drawback, that this model does not enjoy the enormous, tremendous internet community that Raspberry Pi has. All the details on its official website.