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Office 2012 Update, spammers are already thinking about next year


Surely you already know OpenOffice, an open source office suite that many people use as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. Well, what some do is take OpenOffice, rename it and sell it to you as an improved solution. This is legal as long as the use licenses are respected, but the following example falls in the field of cheat who only seeks to take advantage of unwary users.

The emails they send out look like this, this particular one came to me a couple of days ago and refers to 2012 to psychologically play with potential victims:

Spam Office 2012 Update

By clicking on the link, you access a page with a very nice design that promotes this Office Suite, when the user tries to download it, they must enter their credit card to buy a license that is around 4 dollars a year … on other occasions he had commented Similar cases, so you can see more captures in the following posts:

– New Office 2011 (spam) – OfficeSuite, scammers selling licenses

I doubt very much that someone falls for these tricks, but they send so many emails that in the end it ends up being a good business. The license is cheap and the product they offer seems serious, if the mail is received by someone who needs an office suite, there is a good chance that they will end up paying.


OpenOffice is free and can be downloaded from, there is also another version called LibreOffice that is free and better, can be downloaded from These two are usually the most used as free alternatives to Microsoft Office, in fact the last one is currently installed by default in various Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.