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Pharmacy spam on fake LinkedIn messages


They are circulating fake emails who pretend to be messages sent by LinkedInAs can be seen in the following screenshot, the links point to a strange page. When accessing, a script is loaded that redirects to a fraudulent online pharmacy:

This kind of spam is quite common and there are many variants such as messages that simulate being sent by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. In the blog I have commented on several cases and all have the particularity of linking to intermediary pages that are uploaded to compromised servers, this technique is used to circumvent the antispam filters since the domains of fake pharmacies are usually detected and blocked more easily.

Although it is not a dangerous attack for the team, it can be for our health or pocket if we are tempted by the pharmaceutical offers. But beyond that, always be careful with the links and do not be fooled by appearances, some time ago a large spam campaign was detected with fake LinkedIn emails, when the victims clicked they saw a blank page and then They were redirected to, many thought it was a mistake, but in that time they were attacked with various exploits.

Thanks Jos for sending.

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