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Phishing from Yahoo! Mail


In the following image you can see a Yahoo! fake page designed to steal accounts:

Phishing from Yahoo!

Once the user and passwords are entered, they are sent to the attacker and a redirection is made to the real page of Yahoo, in this way the victims believe that they mistyped their data and in the second attempt they end up accessing correctly.

It is a simple phishing to detect, but a distracted user could easily fall. In addition to the Strange URL that clearly isn't Yahoo's, https is missing at the beginning … something that always appears in all or almost all services of this type.

In a previous post he commented that you always have to look at those details to avoid being deceived, also something to keep in mind is that not all sites, despite having a security certificate, load by default with https.

An example of this is Facebook, the login can be done both from how httpS://, so a good practice is to manually write the S – for sure – at the end of the http.

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