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Phishing on Twitter: "hey, someone is spreading nasty rumors about you…"

mensaje directo twitter phishing

The following is a classic example of phishing on Twitter which is currently active and deceiving many users. It spreads through direct messages sent from accounts that have already been compromised, that is, users who fell into the trap:

In the previous screenshot you can see one of the messages received, in this case it is the email alert sent by Twitter itself when receiving the direct message.

If the user clicks on the link, it ends up on a false page that looks a lot like Twitter, but the address that is loaded is not, but a very similar one with the word tviwtter. In the following screenshot you can see the false page already reported in Phishtank:

When the victim enters the username and password they are sent to the server of an attacker who will automatically use their account to spread more direct messages and publish spam tweets.

These viral phishing attacks are quite frequent but as we can see they are very easy to detect. It is enough to pay attention to all the URLs in which passwords will be entered and of course be careful with all the links even if they are sent by a friend or famous contact.

What would happen if by following a link received by Twitter you ended up on a malicious page? Believe it or not, if the conditions exist (outdated browser, outdated plugins, outdated operating system), you could end up with the infected computer automatically (see video example).

Remember: caution with all the links and if possible if you can see a preview or destination of the short link before loading the final page much better. You will not only protect your account, but also that of all your followers.

Update: Spam tweets begin to circulate.

As usual in these campaigns, compromised accounts begin posting messages or tweets without user permission.

This is the FASTEST way to shed body fat in 2 weeks (short link)

Clicking ends in a fraudulent page promoting diet pills:

And some users who fell for it:

Other variants of false tweets and direct messages will surely continue to appear as the hours go by.

What to do if your account sends this kind of spam messages?

You should change the password as soon as possible and check the list of applications that have access to your account from Settings / Applications to revoke the access of all those that are strange or you are not using.