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Phishing with Google Docs forms


In Google Docs anyone can create documents and share them privately or publicly, it is a great tool. One of its functions allows to create online formsThese are usually widely used in event records, surveys and the like, even Google uses them in that way.

Well, if they are all used by cybercriminals, they are not left behind. The following is a screenshot of a fake form taken by F-Secure:

Fake form in Google Docs

As you can see, personal data including username and password are requested, supposedly to update the account. When the fields are completed, the data is sent to the scammer.

The interesting thing about this is that the forms are shown under the Google domain which is used to pass antispam filters and the https It gives you an extra touch of confidence. Regarding the latter, it must be taken into account that the padlock simply indicates that the information entered on the page will be sent over the network in encrypted (encrypted) form, it does not mean that the site is secure or reliable, that is, a fake page can also have https.

As always, be very careful when entering personal data!

More screenshots and details in F-Secure.