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Pisces constellation, or how to see coiled fish in the sky

Pisces constellation, or how to see coiled fish in the sky

Today, in the section of legends of astronomy We are going to talk about mythology about one of the zodiacal constellations: the Pisces constellation.

As you know, this constellation is usually represented by two fishes curled up biting their tails between them, although in the firmament it seems more like they are united by tails. Be that as it may, have you ever stopped to think about where that representation comes from?

There are mainlytwo greek myths that talk about it, the version of Eratstenes and of Higinio, all of them related to Greek gods and Aphrodite as a common factor. Anyway, so that you can choose which of the two you like the most, in this article we are going to tell you the original story of both.

Eratstenes' version of the Pisces constellation

According to the Greek Eratstenes,the protagonist is the Assyrian goddess Dercetodaughter of Aphrodite, known for being half woman half fish. Legend has it that one night when the goddess was walking around a lagoon, in an oversight, fell into the water. Despite her mermaid body, she couldn't get out, so a Big fish who was swimming around came to rescue her, giving rise to the symbol of Pisces, represented by the union of two bodies at the moment of salvation.

Higinio's version of the Pisces Constellation

This version is based on the history of the goddess Venus and her son Cupid, represented by Aphrodite and Eros in Greek mythology. Legend has it that one day, mother and son were surprised by the attack of the typhoon monster. Venus knew that the best way to escape him was by Water, so I picked up her son, he tied to him so as not to lose it, and together they plunged into a ro, inside which they became fishes. This is how they were able to escape the monster and for that reason, in the sky we can see them in the form of fish united by a rope.

Another version of this legend tells that they were not transformed into these animals, but nymphs of the river They sent them two fish that they rode on until they left the monster behind.

As with all legends, there are many other versions, with small details that change, but these are the best known. Which of them did you like the most?

Images: ArteastrotarotOriens