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#prayforjapan and spam links on Twitter


It is not uncommon for spammers to take advantage of Twitter to automatically post messages through ghost accounts and programs. This is exactly what can be seen in the following example:

Spam tweet that takes advantage of trending topics

Checking tweets about Japan I find a series of spam messages in several languages ​​that take advantage of trending topics of the momentIn the previous screenshot you can see that the message includes two keywords (prayforjapan, Rebecca Black) and a short link from, a service widely used to shorten links on Twitter.

Clicking accesses a page requesting our e-mailAs you can see it has nothing to do with the initial tweet:

Fraudulent page

Since the link uses, you can see its statistics by adding a + at the end. In only one hour more than 4 thousand people clicked on it:

Number of clicks made on the link

Spammer uses different Twitter accounts and post multiple messages per minute as you can see in the following screenshot:

Typical Twitter spam profile

Attacks like these are made every daythat's why you have to have watch out for Twitter links especially when they are published by unknown users. In this case they are trying to make money with an affiliate program, other more serious attacks involve Phishing pages and malicious downloads they can even infect the computer in a hidden way.

Report spam on Twitter:

To report spam profiles you can follow the steps indicated on this help page, or send a direct message to the account @spam with the name of the suspicious user.