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Private Instagram photos are private until shared

instagram privado

Instagram has become one of the most popular mobile applications for sharing photos, it is a kind of Facebook but simplified for photos. Profiles basically operate in two modes: public and private.

One of the differences between them is that the photos of the private profiles can only be seen by the user's enabled contacts, that is, their friends list. Everyone else will encounter a message like the following:

Is it possible then to see the private photos?

No, they cannot be accessed.

However, private photos can become public automatically and individually when they are shared on a social network or the link they generate is simply copied. For example, the following image of my profile is private but with the direct link it can be accessed without problems.

Each photograph generates a different direct link with a random name, so there is no way to get all the links that a profile can have or generate. The images of the profiles are not indexed in the search engines, so they cannot be found in Google either.

And the programs that are to hack Instagram?

They are all bogus and come with hidden Trojans, none serve simply to lure unsuspecting users to infect their systems or fill them with unwanted advertising (Adware). A couple of examples:

There are also online pages that in theory would allow you to see the photos, but the same, they are created to deceive. The following, for example, once the user to be spied is entered, requests to fill out surveys to complete the process or participate in some suspicious offers, those who do so will only waste time making the owner of the fraudulent website earn some money:

And then there is no way to see the private photos?

The content is posted on the internet, so in one way or another it can be accessed.

A user who wants to keep his photos private could be fooled relatively easily with a fake profile, if he accepts it as a contact he ends up exposing the photos and possibly never knows that an unwanted person is viewing them freely.

They could also access them through a contact that is already in their friends list, there is always someone who uses the password 123456 or the name of your pet that you have as a cover photo on Facebook. If they access a friend's account, they access all their private photos.

The only way to keep photos private is not to upload them anywhere and obviously protect the device where they are with encryption and passwords other than 1234, if it is a mobile it is recommended to have remote access enabled to delete all content in case of theft.