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Pro Webcam Hack, the fake program that many want


It has been a long time since I commented on any fake or false program that are theoretically used to hack but in reality the one who ends up being hacked is oneself. So today I'm going to talk briefly about Pro Webcam Hack v1.0 2011.

This program allows access the webcam of any contact online from the MSN, simply type your email address and press the Hack Cam button, the simplest impossible (that's why it's a Pro version):

Fake program

In addition it also works with Yahoo! Messenger:

Fake program

Now being serious, this program is fake, it doesn't work! was created to infect and turn computers into bots (Zombie PCs).

Attackers spread and promote it in many ways, from forum posts to spam tweets, but one of the most effective ways is YouTube as they can show their future victims how it works in a short video:

Some examples:

Since it is a spy program, nothing is more effective than a chat with girls:

The comment about antivirus is never missing

Others implement the James Bond + Girls technique:

They promote the program on YouTube

Sometimes, writing with misspellings on purpose also adds:

With me and without a crumb

But with this program they not only seek to infect, they also they take the opportunity to make some money, many use sponsored download services, victims must complete surveys before they can access the file:

You have to answer a survey to download

Some load their advertising banners into a window and ask to click on them:

In this case IE did not manage to load the page with banners

And finally, some directly sell a supposed license or server of the program:

To be a 007 you have to pay

As usual, be very careful with what you download and run! with fake programs like this in the end the one who ends up being cheated and spied on is oneself.

See also: Webcam antispas or voyeuristas.Yahoo Spy, infecting the one who wants to infect.